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Pilot line.

Most of the service’s functionalities are available already. What remains to be implemented is: generating geographic coordinates and a kilometer grid, generating legend, using national manners, using hill shading and landscapes. We will make them available successively. MapCreating Team

How to create a map?

In 6 simple steps, you decide what your map should look like. You can choose default options to personalise it instantly. You can also modify other features for an optimal result so that the map includes only the elements that you need.


Determine the geographic coverage, scale, and size


Personalise the scope


Personalise graphics


Generate a draft image


Choose a form


Finalise – purchase your map

Fast map creating

Creating a map with advanced functionality

Do you already know how to create your first map? That's great; let's get started!


Here you will find the latest information concerning the portal modifications.

Free Cuba map

In the gallery of Free sample maps, we have provided an overview map of Cuba for anyone interested. The map has a huge size – 254 x 100 cm/...


Free Titicaca map

In the gallery of Free sample maps, we have provided an overview map of Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia for anyone interested. Its...


Walt Disney World Resort free map

In the Free Sample Maps gallery, we have provided a detailed map of the World Disney resort in Florida at a scale of 1:20,000 for anyone interested....


Examples of maps generated by MapCreating

General-purpose reference map, 1:100,000 scale, Slovakia, mapcreating manner, satur light

City map, 1:100,000 scale, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, contrast manner

Map form

Digital Map

File format only, available for high-quality download immediately after payment and generation. It comes with a licence specifying the selected scope of use. At the correct resolution, all our maps are printable maps.

Printed Map

Printed that’s mean paper map. It is available locally, where our partner printing houses operate – please check the price list of printed maps. Printing and delivery can take a few days or several weeks. The file is sent to a given printing house immediately after payment and generation.

You can order a map in both forms, i.e. a licence file and a paper version.

Price list

The price of a map file depends on the map area in cm2/inch2, the class of geographical territory, and the scope of the licence to print. It does not depend on where you live and the file’s resolution. The form of finishing and the delivery also affect the price of printing.
The prices start at €1

Do you need support?

Read about exploitation of maps: here you will find some tips on how it is possible to further process the map files generated in our map service so that they perfectly fit your needs. You will also find suggestions concerning what scales are the best for generating maps of a given theme.

Any questions?

Look for answers in frequently asked questions: here you will find questions and answers concerning all areas related to the functioning of MapCreating. We encourage you to ask further questions if something is still not clear, by using a contact form.

Permanent cooperation

Profiled payments and prices

If you require a monthly or yearly subscription, we can create a custom pricing plan just for you.

Private templates

We suggest developing a private template, owned solely by you.

Additional services

Upon request, we carry out any unusual projects, e.g. a list of street names or towns.

Maps for humanitarian operations

For humanitarian operations during natural disasters, we provide 100% discount codes – free maps.

Geographic coverage of provided maps

In case of such a need, please contact us by e-mail at the following address:

Our experience and mission

We are university graduates operating as professional cartographers since 1978 and 1987. We have developed thousands of tourist maps, city plans, wall-mounted and road maps, many thematic and general atlases, and thousands of maps for school atlases and schoolbooks.

Learn about MapCreating's history

The idea of a portal for generating maps was born in 2018. At that time, we asked ourselves the question: how to make a map automatically? Is it possible? What about data and software available?

Sources used

Establishing MapCreating would not be possible without utilizing plenty of sources, such as geographical databases, atlases, maps, and scientific literature.

Project reviews

Here you will find the latest reviews of map buyers. We encourage you to share your insights on what you are happy with and what requires improvement.

Anna, Poland 1:4000000, A3 Portrait
Mapa Polski

Simple, legible, useful.

Thank you for the opinion!

Lech, Poland 1:15000, A4 Portrait
Mapa Uniejowa

Map has everything needed, actual, illustrative

Thank you for the opinion!

Marek, Poland 1:20000, a2- Landscape
wieś Wysoka

Little too less informations, but probably therewas not more. Generally OK. Marek

Thank you for the opinion! There was no more data in OSM

Karol, Poland 1:50000000, 15x10
Mapa Europy

Excellent, simple map, legible

Thank you for the opinion!

Work with us

We are located in the European Union, in Poland and we are based in Warsaw and Lublin. Please describe your issue as comprehensively as possible so that our answer can be more accurate. We always encourage you to browse through the FAQ and other Support tips.